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August 01, 2022.


ETRC Hunt Test Information

All ETRC Hunt tests are administered by Entry Express.  Premiums, Entry Forms, Running Order and Results can be found on their website:

We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

ETRC AKC Midweek Double Junior/Senior HT
2 flights MH, Double JH/SH
Tuesday/Wednesday, April 19-20, 2022
Brian Caldwell Farm

2 flights MH, Double JH/SH
Saturday/Sunday, May 28-29, 2022
Hiwassee WMA/Brian Caldwell Farm

ETRC AKC Midweek Master Only HT (66 dogs)
Tuesday/Wednesday, September 20-21, 2022
Brian Caldwell Farm

ETRC AKC Fall Hunt Test
2 flights MH, Double JH/SH
Saturday/Sunday, October 22-23, 2022
Lucky 7 Ranch

ETRC AKC Midweek
Master Only HT (66 dogs)
Tuesday/Wednesday, November 1-2, 2022
Brian Caldwell Farm

ETRC AKC Spring Hunt Test
April 1-2, 2023
Hiwassee WMA

Enter online through Entry Express or get a paper premium by calling (501) 255-0831 or by writing Entry Express, P.O. Box 743, Charleston, AR  72933. 

Hunt test information - contact Hunt Test Secretary - Michele Fletcher, or phone 850-582-9111 (cell).

A club must take paper entries even when an on-line entry service is specified in the premium list. The premium list must specify the address where paper entries are to be mailed. There shall only be one address shown for mail in entries. This address can be that of the entry service company. Any service fee imposed by the on-line service must be clearly stated in the premium.

Enter ONLINE at:

For a paper premium, e-mail or or call (501) 255-0831

Mail entries with checks payable to:

Entry Express Inc.
420 E. Main Street (UPS & FedEX)
P. O. Box 743
Charleston, AR 72933

Fee charged for credit card entries

Master fee: $100
Senior fee: $90
Junior fee: $80

AKC Regulation Regarding Cell Phone Use at Hunt Tests

Date:       July 19, 2012

To:          Retriever Hunting Test Clubs

The Performance Events Department would like to make Retriever Hunting Test Clubs aware of a recent change to the Regulations.

 Cell Phones on the Line.  Occasionally onlookers do not think about turning off their cell phones or placing them on vibrate mode while in the vicinity of the line.  When birds are being thrown, the dog, handler and judges are concentrating on the action.  A cell phone going off can be a distraction.  The new Regulation is meant to caution the gallery, enable the club to take action if this becomes an on-going problem and provide judges guidance on how to handle the situation.  The change becomes effective August 1, 2012.  The following new language will appear as Section 24 in Chapter 1.

 Chapter 1, Section 24. Cell Phones and Electronic Devices. 

In order not to distract dogs, handlers and judges from their work, cell phones, pagers or other electronic devices which emit a sound shall be turned off or set on vibrate mode when in the immediate vicinity of the line or in the field. 

Clubs should post signs if they feel it is necessary.  It is the job of the marshal to enforce this regulation. 

Out of courtesy to the working dog, judges shall not accept calls or send messages while a dog is under judgment.

 A handler has the right to appeal to the judges if he believes the sound from an electronic device has interfered with his dog’s performance.  It is the decision of the judges to determine if the sound had a material impact on the dog’s performance.  If they believe meaningful interference has occurred, they may allow the dog to be re-run at a later time.

This regulation is not meant to hinder the ability of the marshal to keep in contact with event officials in order to expedite the running of the event; however the marshal shall maintain consideration for the working dog and handler.

Should you have any questions or comments, please e-mail