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Our accomplishments at ETRC are achieved by hard work, many hours dedicated to training, and, of course, GREAT DOGS!  Please share in our excitement of member accomplishments. We’re proud of each and every member, and the great dogs with whom we share our lives and successes.

If you wish to share a “brag” with your fellow ETRC members, please send your information to: ETRC with ETRC Brag as the subject. While we are a retriever club and sponsor AKC Hunt tests, we recognize that our members have achievements in other venues. We would like for you to feel free to share those brags with your fellow members as well.

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 Congratulations to Gives YA All She's Got!  MH ( "Camo" ), who not only earned her Master Hunter title in 2014, but also qualified for the Master National that same year. She has qualified again for 2015.  Camo is loved and owned by Lane and Terri Arthur, who are very proud of her and all that she has accomplished.  She's trained and handled by Mike Pierce.  Lane and Terri have chosen not to run Camo in either Master National Test.

Camo is a very sweet and loving girl and a joy to have around home and anywhere we take her.  She loves to duck hunt and is good in the blind or on a stand.  Her calm demeanor on the line carries over in the duck blind.  But - she doesn't like to wait too long between retrieves!!

Camo's achievements are all the more remarkable because she developed a bone spur in her left rear leg at the young age of three months, and for some time was doing all her work on three legs.  X-rays identified the problem, and a daily regimen of Rimadyl pain pills, massages and exercise gradually improved the situation until the bone spur finally dissolved and she was able to run without pain.  Hence her name -- "Give Ya All She's Got -- because she never let her leg hold her back, ran on shear will power, and NEVER gave up.  Her sweet nature and desire to please has never wavered." (8/31/15)


2014 was the first year that miniature poodles were allowed to participate in AKC Hunt Tests, and Beth White and her silver poodle, MACH3 Menina De Prata CD RE JH MXC MJS2 MXF T2B3 CGC WCX UWCX HPCX (Nina) was the second mini to earn the Junior Hunter  title. In 2015, Nina made history again with achievements in upland hunting during the Poodle Club of America's (PCA) National Specialty. The Poodle Upland Hunting Program has three levels of upland certificates. In 2014, Nina became the first and only miniature poodle to pass the first two levels: Upland Instinct Certificate (UIC) and Upland Working Certificate (UWC).  This year, Nina became the first and only miniature poodle to pass the third level, the Upland Working Certificate Excellent (UWCX). The Hunting Poodle Certification Program was set up to honor Poodles who are both accomplished upland hunters and waterfowl retrievers. Setting another record, Nina became the first and only miniature poodle to be awarded the Hunting Poodle Certificate Excellent (HPCX) given to Poodles who have earned both a WCX and a UWCX from the Poodle Club of America. As a result of these accomplishments, Nina was awarded the PCA's Bronze Hunting Medallion.  4/28/15

Carol Stone just returned from the 2015 Poodle Specialty and both her girls, Roxie and Raven, brought home prizes. Roxie earned her Upland Instinct Certificate and Raven earned her Upland Working Certificate Excellent.  4/27/15


Brent McCoy finally gets his Master Hunter title, with Ella handling!  6/8/14

East Tennessee Retriever Club members Carol Stone and Beth White report exciting news from  the first Upland Working Certificate Tests at the 2014 Poodle Club of America National Specialty. The test consists of:

 1. Walk-Up.  The dog and the handler walk-up to a specified location, a shot is fired, a dead chukar is thrown out, and the dog must retrieve it.

2. Hunt-Em-Up Dead.   A dead bird is planted in a given area of cover.  During a long walk-up, a diversion shot is fired.  The dog is sent from a specified location and must find and retrieve the bird with no help from handler.

3. Quarter and Flush.  The dog has to quarter and flush two birds.  The birds are shot as they are flushed, and the dog has to retrieve them.

Carol's Raven did a phenomenal job!  She nailed her Walk-Up mark with no hunt.  She got her Hunt-Em-Up bird in minimal time.  And much to her mother's amazement, she quartered the field like she knew what she was doing.  On her first flush, she captured the little bugger before it even got off the ground and brought it back to Mom kicking and screaming, looking mighty pleased with herself!  She found and flushed her second chukar with ease, and it was winged by one of the gunners.  It flew an erratic flight pattern for 200 yards before it dropped low enough for her to snag it mid-air.  She brought it right back to Mom which gave them their first Upland PASS!

Nina was the only miniature poodle entered along with 25 standard poodles. Her Walk-Up and retrieve was a piece of cake.  The Hunt-Em-Up was successful with Nina searching a dense briar patch and bringing back a chukar like a pro.  For the Quarter-and-Flush, she flushed and tentatively chased her first bird - a "get-away" as it turned out.  They tossed out a dead bird, and she retrieved it with ease.  When she flushed the second bird, she took off like a bullet, bouncing through the brush like she had springs under her feet.  She had the gallery cheering with as much enthusiasm as she had.  She definitely liked this new game.  With this pass, Nina earned the distinction of being the first mini to enter and the first mini to pass the Poodle Upland Working Certificate Test!

"Considering that neither of our dogs, nor neither of us, had ever seen a chukar nor even had a clue on what one looked like, it made us even more proud of our special girls!"  4/24/14

Upland Tests Passes - 2014 Poodle Club of America National Specialty, Eden, Maryland

  • Bruce Fox's Tennessee Troublesome Ty won first place in the Chattanooga Retriever Club Field Trial Qualified All Age this spring, handled by Brady Collins.  Great achievement!" (see photo gallery) 5/30/13

  • Jim Pearce and Karen Edwards are proud to announce that Callie (Fern Hill SuperCalifragilistic MH CD OA NF NAJ) earned her Open Agility title at the Oak Ridge agility trial in April.  She has two legs toward her open titles in Jumps and Weaves and Fast as well, but will have to wait till fall to finish off.  Also, our young dog Panda (Fern Hill Pandemonium SH) earned her Senior Hunter title at the ETRC spring test in May.  She passed 5 out of 6 tests to title, a week before her 2nd birthday.  Most of the training and all of the handling was done by Jody Ware.  5/30/13

  • Sharon and Guy Greer have done very well this year with their Boykin Spaniels at the HRC hunt tests (sponsored by UKC).  Anjel (Justaleapoffaith) got her HRC  HR (seasoned) title this year and Chase (Hunter's Rest Chase) got his HRC UH (Upland Hunter) title and was just named Intermediate "Gunner's Choice" at the Boykin Spaniel Upland Nationals in January 2013. Gunner's Choice is the dog voted on in each category as the dog they would most want to actually hunt with.  Congratulations to both owners and dogs -- hard work pays off! 1/24/13